It is you, the client, who decides your requirements. Maybe you just need somebody to complete your VAT returns or to do your CIS returns – jobs that you hate doing and that take you ages. I can offer a simple cost effective solution and take the problem out of your hands. Whether you need somebody once a week or once a quarter, I can work around YOU and provide you with the service YOU want.

  • Bookkeeping

    Sabre Services provide a complete service including checking and entering all your purchase invoices, raising and processing sales invoices, writing and entering cheques, reconciling your bank and providing a monthly profit and loss to enable you to keep track of your financial situation.

  • Sales Ledger

    Raising, checking and entering your sales invoices.

  • Credit Control

    Sabre Services can phone your customers to chase money – meaning that you are a step removed and thus able to maintain a professional relationship

  • Cash Flow

    Sabre Services can create a customised cash flow for you so that you know when your money is due in and when you have to pay sums out.

  • Purchase Ledger

    Checking, entering and arranging payment for your purchase invoices

  • Reconciliation of Bank Accounts

    I reconcile your bank to ensure that all costs have gone through and that the amount that has been paid into and taken out of your bank is correct.

  • VAT Returns

    After completing all the monthly routines I can then prepare and check your VAT returns.

  • Monthly CIS Returns

    I can maintain a monthly spreadsheet detailing all CIS taxes deducted from you and also that you deduct from your sub-contractors making the monthly CIS returns easy to do.

  • Management Accounts

    After completing all the monthly input Sabre Services can provide you with management reports and help you to understand the complexities of a profit and loss and balance sheet.

  • Accruals / Prepayments

    Sabre Services can prepare accruals and prepayments so that your management reports are correct (this is a service your accountant would normally perform).

  • Journals

    Sabre Services can enter journals including payroll to ensure that your profit and loss is always kept up to date.

  • Payroll

    Sabre Services can run your monthly or weekly payroll providing you with payslips, payroll reports and the amount due to the Inland Revenue. Sabre Services also complete payroll year ends.

  • Sage Line 50 Training

    As a Sage specialist and a member of Sage Accountants Club I am happy to provide specialist training to help you understand Sage better.

  • Ongoing Telephone Support

    You can call me whenever you need to, for help with a Sage problem or simply to check out HMRC legislation.


The task of recording what goes into and out of the business is relatively simple but statistics show that most business people treat their books much like visiting the in-laws, all have good intentions: but something more important always gets in the way.   ~ quote from FSB magazine