Welcome to Sabreservices

When people start up a new business they often underestimate how much of a burden it can be keeping on top of the day-to-day financial aspects. Invoicing your customers, paying your suppliers, keeping an eye on cashflow and VAT can take up an enormous amount of time. Added to that are payroll queries, CIS returns and passing your accounts to your accountant to prepare your year end. It is not unusual to find yourself working all day with your customers and then working into the night to catch up on the paperwork. When you are working such long hours, it does not take long for paperwork to pile up and deadlines to be missed. That is where a bookkeeper comes in.

Sabre Bookkeeping can take care of all your bookkeeping needs - leaving you free to focus on the thing you do best. It is you, the client, who decides your requirements. Maybe you just need somebody to complete your VAT returns or to do your CIS returns – jobs that you hate doing and that take you ages.

Sabre Bookkeeping can offer a simple cost effective solution and take the problem out of your hands. Whether you need somebody once a week or once a quarter, we can work around YOU and provide you with the service YOU want.